How To Donate To Belmont RUF


Campus ministry is one of the most strategic ministries of the church, and Wendy and I have been overwhelmed to see the impact of Belmont RUF since we began this work almost 20 years ago.  

Not only have we been honored to have worked with thousands of students over the years, Belmont RUF was also the group that gave birth to Indelible Grace Music.  Indelible Grace was born when I began to be concerned about the songs my students were singing and the way it was shaping their understanding of the gospel.  We began looking for ways to sing some of the rich old hymns of the faith.

We love college students and we love sharing our lives and the gospel with them. Yet over the years this ministry has struggled financially.  

We have to raise all of our support to work with RUF, and are currently in a serious financial deficit. 

Would you consider a gift to RUF? It would be a huge encouragement to us as we enter into the fall, and would allow us to focus on ministering to students. Would you pray for us as we seek to raise the financial support we need to keep doing this work we love? Would you help spread the word about our need to those who might be interested in partnering with us? 

For those that would like to donate and receive a tax-deductible receipt (RUF is a registered charity) then simply follow this link: and write in "Belmont" to be sure the gift is directed to Belmont RUF.

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Thank you for your prayers and support! Rev. Kevin Twit